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We all love our electric razors and clippers, but no grooming kit is complete without at least one set of hair shears. There still isn’t an electric device that can do all the things a pair of scissors can. You don’t need to be a professional hairdresser to make use of one either. Even an amateur home user can sharpen up a beard or haircut with a little snip here and there.

Often when you buy hair clipper kits, you’ll get a pair of shears included in the package. These are usually cheap junk unless the kit you buy is a really high-end one.

Here I’ve collected a few of the most popular shears you can buy online today. If none of these catch your fancy be sure to check out my buyer’s guide(LINK). My top choices are highlighted at the top, while the rest are not ranked in any particular order.

Got Glamour Cobalt Molybdenum
Hair Cutting Scissors

Have you “Got Glamour”? Well, I guess the idea is that you will get some if you buy products from the company of the same name.

This is a rather pricey US-made set of shears that are a bit more fancy in the materials department than usual.

These right-handed shears are not made from steel as we usually see. Instead, the blades are made of a cobalt molybdenum alloy. Got Glamour says that this means the blades stay sharper for five times as long compared to steel ones.

These shears are specifically meant for professional use and for high customer turnaround. Which means that home users will likely never have to sharpen it, especially if you keep it safe in the included sheathe.

As far as high-end shears go this one has all the important features. There’s a knob to adjust the tension, a removable finger rest and rubber inserts to adjust the finger hole size.

Got Glamour says that these shears are quieter than the competition too, thanks to how well-balanced and well-made they are.

The feedback from customers is excellent, especially professional hairdressers who say it compares favorably with $600 scissors. Obviously it’s not THAT good, but it’s not completely out that league and so I can’t help but name it my number one choice.

Suvorna 6” Precision Razor Edge Hair Shears

These beautiful shears are probably my favorite in terms of pure looks alone. They have a ton of little details and are exquisitely crafted. The shears are hand-finished and it really shows.

Made from Japanese stainless steel, with gold plated components in the form of the tension adjuster and finger rest, the quality of the materials is not in question. The finger rest is also removable if you feel that it’s getting in the way.

These shears use a convex blade that would suck for cutting straight line in paper, but should cut through hair like butter. This design should eliminate pulling or bending of hair strands.

It’s made from J2 Japanese steel, drop-forged in a single go and then treated to a very high hardness level. So they’ll stay sharp for a long time; basically, if you are a home user I don’t see these needing sharpening – ever.

In general, users of these shears agree with what the manufacturer claims. They perform excellently and are comfortable for most people to use, with only the most sausage-fingered customers having trouble.

While these shears may be pricey from a home user perspective, they provide professional-grade performance at a great price and, personally, these are my number two choice.

Sanguine Professional Mustache Scissors

Sometimes we need shears that are a little more specialized than the normal six-inch scalp hair cutting models. So here from Sanguine we have a small set of shears designed specifically for use with facial hair.

Certainly many of us have mustaches or beards that are as long or longer than the typical hair length many people grow on their heads. So in the same way a clipper can’t finish the job on long hair or complex cuts, so a beard or mustache trimmer is not going to be enough.

Of all the shears that we see here on this page, this one is the most attractive. I like the matte black coating quite a lot, and combining black and gold is almost always a winner in my books.

These facial hair shears have all the features that I associate with regular professional shears. There’s a tension adjustment knob and a finger support.

The Sanguine is made from Japanese stainless steel and is extremely sharp. At least that’s what users almost all say. The name may be more than a coincidence as people who don’t respect these shears may easily exsanguinate themselves.

Honestly, there is no reason you really need to limit these shears to your facial hair, other than their more compact size at five inches. These are very highly recommended.

KLOUD City® Hair Cutting Shears

I’m not sure if this is in any way related to Cloud City on Bespin from the Star Wars films, but Billy Dee Williams certainly had a sharp haircut in that film, so maybe Kloud City is making a very obscure reference to it.

These are thinning scissors, hence the combed blade. The set is made from stainless steel, which they say is “extra sharp”. I have no idea what they are comparing it too though.

It’s a six-inch unit with finger holes that are one inch in diameter. So people with thicker nose pickers need not apply. Kloud City says that the edge on these will last a long time, although if you are buying these for home use (which you are) the low frequency of use would make even the most mundane product look long-lasting in the sharpness department.

The verdict from buyers is very positive. For the price they perform excellently and are especially good for people with thick hair. Which is good since those people are most likely to need a pair of thinning shears. Honestly, I wish my balding head had that problem.

So, for the money I truly don’t think you’ll do better. If you can spend more, do it. However, if this is as far as your budget stretches, these come with a recommendation.

Equinox Professional Razor Edge Series

This set from Equinox has two different shears that are meant to complement each other. One is meant for cutting while the other is designed for thinning and texturizing. You can buy each one separately, but the bundle deal is good value for money.

These shears are made from Japanese steel and Equinox claims they will last a lifetime and stay sharp. While the handles don’t feature a pivoting ring, you do get sizing inserts to make the scissors more comfortable for your particular finger sizes.

These 6.5 inch shears aren’t too heavy or too long for the average person to use well. You can even finely adjust the tension to suit your own comfort level.

Users of these shears all seem to agree that they are very comfortable and very effective. As far as shears meant for the home market go, these are on the expensive side, but professional barbers and hairdressers also seem to like them. To me that says these are effectively “prosumer” shears that straddle the line between a full-on pro product and a mainstream one. All in all, I think these are a bargain at the price and well worth investing in, even if you aren’t a particularly gifted stylist.

ACELIST 2 X Hair Cutting & Thinning Scissors

Like the set from Equinox, this kit from Acelist contains both a thinning shear and a cutting shear. Also, like the Equinox kit, these shears are six and a half inches in length. Unlike them, however, these cost much, much less.

One of the ways that they’ve saved money here is through the use of materials. Only the front cutting part of the shears are made of Japanese steel. The bit in the back that you hold is made with zinc alloy plating.

These are billed as being suitable for professional use and when it comes to the cutting shears that claim may not be far off. However, the thinning shears did not impress the people who bought it at all – there are complaints of dullness, and a comb that is too thin.

People do say that it’s comfortable, but there is no way to adjust the handle to individual needs. I also see far too many complaints that the shears are not sharp enough for me to recommend them.

Utopia Care 6½ Inch Barber Scissors

While Utopia’s other shears reviewed on this page are true professional’s tools, this particular model is a much more basic product. It’s chromium-reinforced steel from top to bottom and you won’t find any fancy adjustment screws, exotic plating or adjustable grips.

What you do get is a six and a half inch shear with hand-crafted, ice-tempered blades that promise to be very sharp indeed. When you get to the essence of what good cutting shears should do, these basically nail the essentials.

The price is very nice too, for about fifteen bucks you can get a good quality set of shears. If they happen to fit your hand well, there’s no reason these shouldn’t last a lifetime.

At least, on paper. When we look at customer experiences a different story emerges. People who are comparing it to the cheap shears that came with their clipper kit are happy. People who were hoping for something a bit more professional feel that these shears are not sharp enough. Apparently these made-in-Pakistan shears also make no mention of being stainless steel or ice-tempered on the actual packaging.

Maybe spend a little more money and get something better.

Goody Hair Cutting Shears

These shears from Goody are extremely popular and also very, very cheap. The question is whether they are so cheap that the asking price is no longer worth it.

These shears have plastic handles and look more like a pair of kitchen scissors than something you’d want to cut hair with. Still, we mustn’t judge a book by its cover.

Unfortunately Goody doesn’t bother to let us know what the blades are made of or anything at all really, apart from the fact that these are a rather standard six and a half inches long.

So we have to rely on the people who sacrificed their handful of singles to buy one of these. The verdict is that the Goody shears are very sharp indeed. People even use them to cut fingernails in a pinch, so that’s a strong endorsement. The bad news? Well, the blades apparently won’t keep their edge, which may be why Goody won’t say what they are made of. So if you don’t like the idea of having to constantly sharpen them, that’s a black mark already. The other problem comes from the screw that holds the two halves of the shears together. For many people this screw is far too loose. In addition, there is no way of tightening it yourself. This is not something that happens to every pair, so I suspect the quality control on these cheapo shears is not very good.

Avoid these, even for five bucks.

ZZZRT Polish Shears Review

This is yet another pair of hair shears that are just so darn beautiful to behold. The entire set of shears are gold colored with some red accents, which is pretty indeed. The decoration doesn’t stop there either, the handles have little patterns moulded into them as well. A very ornate product indeed.

On the practical side you have an adjustable tension screw, removable finger rest, and finger rings. These are probably the best mix of price and performance I’ve seen among the products I looked at and customers agree.

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