Beard Trimmer Buying Guide

So, you’ve decided to join the venerable group of men (and sometimes women) that let their facial hair do as nature intended and grow out into a luscious beard. Congratulations! I’m sure that you and you beard have a great future together.

In this short guide I will give you a crash course in identifying which trimmers are right for you and which to give a wide berth.

A Good Price

The first thing you have to cross off your list of considerations is the price. For some reason there are a lot of personal care products out there that cost a whole lot of money for no apparent reason. Beard trimmers are no different in this regard. Compare the model you are looking at to less expensive options and decide if you can actually tell where the extra money has gone. Don’t spend $200 on a beard trimmer, when there’s a $50 product with 90% of the features and performance.


Usually I don’t pay too much attention to brand and try to judge products on their own merit. After all, at some point all brands had to be the new kid on the block. For the average consumer, however, a good brand is an easy shorthand for product quality. Sure, even the best brands still make products that are duds, but the chances of this are much smaller. Not to mention that more popular brands will be easier to do warranty returns with or find spare parts for.

The Longest Yard

How long do you want your beard to be? All trimmers have a minimum and maximum length range they can accommodate. There will also be variation in how many intermediate settings there are on the trimmer. This is a pretty important aspect, since these settings determine the sorts of beards you can maintain. If you want a long beard hair length, you need a trimmer with a maximum supported length that meets or exceeds your desired number. If, on the other hand, you want to create a beard with steps and fades in it, you need a trimmer with lots of intermediate length settings between the maximum and minimum.

Jack of All Trades

One of the first choices you are likely to make is between something that can only trim a beard or something that can trim other parts of the body as well. If you are in need of something to travel with a multi-trimmer can be a great investment. On the other hand, the more functionality they pack into one trimmer, the worse it is at doing any one thing. So you can get a single trimmer that does your head, face, body, and even nose, but it may be mediocre at all of them.

Attached at the Hip

Lots of beard trimmers come with various possible attachments. Some are great and some are pretty useless. Which category a given attachment falls into will largely depend on you as an individual. What’s important is that you don’t ignore the accessories when deciding which trimmer to buy.

Many accessories relate to creating and maintaining a specific beard style. If you never, ever intend to use a given style, don’t waste your money on that attachment. However, the right attachments can make creating and maintaining your preferred beard style much easier.

Pocket Monster

If you’re the traveling type, it might not be multi-function you’re looking for, but compactness and portability. Beard trimmers that are specifically designed to be travel trimmers are usually small, light, and relatively simple.

Special Feature Track

If you like shaving in the shower, you may want something waterproof. If you are a frequent shaver you have to pay attention to the rated battery life if you are also going to be away from an outlet for significant amounts of time.

Maintenance Man

How much maintenance does the trimmer need? Is the blade a type that needs to be oiled? Can the most wear-prone parts be replaced easily?


Is the trimmer battery-powered? Can it run in cordless and corded modes? How long does the battery last? How long does it take to charge? Does it have a quick-charge function? These are questions you’ll want to know the answers to before being caught out by a trimmer that runs out of juice at the worst times.

Slim and Trim

Lots of people who try and fail to grow the beard they really want simply did not have the right tools at their disposal to do the job right. With a good beard trimmer you can be the suave swashbuckler you’ve always wanted to be. These basic considerations should prove useful in the search for your perfect face de-fuzzer, but perhaps one of the beard trimmers that I’ve reviewed will strike your fancy? Before you head out into the wild world of personal beard maintenance hardware, be sure to stop off at that part of my site. I promise, there are some really nice trimmers to be had.

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