Busted Electric Shaver Myths - Let’s Get Real

Obviously on this site I’m very pro-electric when it comes to shaving, but there are a lot of people out there who swear by manual blades and won’t even hear about using an electric machine. That’s perfectly fine – people can shave with a sharpened rock if they really want to. The problem that I have with the whole thing is that many of these people base their decision to avoid electric shavers on myths that are no longer true or were never true.

As you’ll see in my article on the history of the electric shaver these devices have come a long way in the near-century that they have been around. Much of that has happened in the last twenty or thirty years as the technology leaped ahead. Gone are the crude torture devices that were the norm up to the late 80s. Today’s electric razors are refined machines that can do a job comparable to a manual blade.

So let’s have a look at some of the common myths some people still believe about these devices and why they just aren’t true.

Manual Blades Get the Closest Shave

This is probably the one I hear the most. This was definitely true for a long time. In skilled hands a straight razor was simply the only way you could get the absolutely closest and smoothest shave.

Since then manufacturing techniques and new designs in foil shavers have made that gap practically irrelevant. Modern, quality foil shavers can get you a shave down to half a millimeter. A professional barber may still be able to do a bit better, but for most people most of the time a foil shaver is going to provide the best shave.

Coupled with the fact that they are better on the skin and many can now also do wet shaves, this myth feels pretty much busted.

Electric is Expensive

It’s true that the upfront cost of an electric shaver is high compared to disposable or manual safety razors. In the long run however, the consumable part of the razor will end up costing much more than the total cost of an electric razor.

It’s true that the head of a shaver may need to be replaced anywhere from one to two years, with typical use patterns, but even taking that into account it turns out to be cheaper. Well, as long as you compare apples to apples. No comparing premium electrics with cheap disposables! If you compare according to the quality of the shaves each product gives the cost comes out about the same or even a little in favor of the electrics.

When it comes to professional straight razors, well, they have always been pricey and that doesn’t take into account the cost of the skill you need to wield it – either to learn it yourself or to pay a pro.

More Like Electric Tweezers

Many people have had bad experiences with old or cheap electric shavers and the whole technology has been tarred with the same brush to a certain extent.

That’s why so many people think that shaving with an electric razor causes skin irritation or painful plucking. Some people also have misgivings about the hygiene of reusing the blades over and over again.

Anyone who has shaved with a modern, good quality electric shaver can put this myth to bed straight away. The quality of the motors and blades have improved by leaps and bounds. Hair is now trimmed like a hot knife through butter. It is now also common for electric shavers to be hypoallergenic, which cuts down on issues like rashes and bumps.

You can also use pre-electric lubricants and shaving creams and gels with many electric razors now, although you must confirm this before trying.

Razor burn is not a possibility with modern electric shavers and I’d be quite confident in saying that electric shavers provide the most comfortable, irritation-free shaves of any shaving method. As long as you aren’t shaving with a fifteen dollar travel shaver. That being said, the technologies in the more expensive models are trickling down to the cheap models too.

The Slowpoke

Another myth I hear all the time is that electric razors are much slower than manual razors. Against a professional barber I would probably still agree with this, but the average person who shaves themselves is not going to beat an electric razor without hurting themselves. The fact that dry shaving is an option makes them even faster, since you cut out all the prep work if you must. I wouldn’t recommend trying a dry shave with a manual razor. The bottom line is that, if you are in a hurry, an electric razor is the clear favorite.

Getting the Facts

If any of these myths have been an obstacle to you in the past for embracing electric shaving, now is the best time in history to do it.

Remember to check out my reviews for the best electric razors so that you can be sure you’re getting a quality product.

If you still aren’t convinced then you should head over to my article explaining the advantages of electric shaving. Don’t worry, you’ll become a believer yet.

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