Men's Travel Toiletry Bag Reviews

I look at a lot of different products on this site related to grooming and electric shavers specifically. If you eventually get all the things you need to groom yourself to perfection, your bathroom will certainly be stocked to the gills. But what happens when you have to be away from home for a while? Whether it’s business travel, family visitation, or a well-deserved vacation, it can be a real pain to fit all your grooming products into your luggage.

That’s why I think everyone should have at least one good toiletry bag with enough space for all the important stuff. It doesn’t have to be fancy, just practical and attractive.

Here I have collected ten of the most popular toiletry bags you can buy online today. The ones I think are best have been put right at the top as my best picks and the rest are in no particular order.

Vetelli Leather Toiletry Bag for Men

Oh boy, OK I have to come out and say that this bag was love at first sight for me. I am a total sucker for a classy old-school raw leather look and this product nails it perfectly.

While this is not the most expensive bag I looked at, it’s certainly up there. However, it LOOKS way more expensive than it is, and certainly more so than the bags that are actually more expensive.

This bag from Vitelli uses the classic Doppelt design that gave rise to the term “Dopp kit” originally, which also adds to its old-school charm. The exterior is PU leather and the inside of the bag has a waterproof lining. So yes, it’s imitation leather, but it’s really good imitation leather. That inner lining is made from nylon and the zips are made of steel.

There are two large main compartments. In addition to this there are also two inner zipper pockets and two mesh bottle pouches. It also comes with two 2-oz silicone travel bottles, which you can use to decant from larger non-travel size products. This is a pretty big bag, with the longest side measuring a full 11”. I don’t think space will be an issue for anyone but the worst sort of pack rats.

Buyers are generally very positive about the bag, with the only real criticism relating to the quality of the internal zippers. Other than that, this is a great buy and gets my nod as the top pick in this product category.

Mister Bag Leather Travel Toiletry Bag

Given that toiletry bags are likely to spend a lot of time in a room that has water everywhere, it’s surprising that so few of them are actually waterproof. This bag is not only billed as being waterproof, but also made of leather.

The branding on this product is pretty hip. It comes from a company known as Mister Bag. Nice simple designs on the packaging really make me think more of a modern tech product than something to shove grooming products into.

The bag itself looks really good. The texture of the leather is very nice indeed. Personally I don’t like sitting on leather, but leather bags are a different story and touching it is always pleasant. The maker does claim it is real leather and goes to the trouble of telling us it is “FINE QUALITY”.

While this does not have many separate compartments, it does have two large main compartments, which is actually a very nice design since you can put your shaving kit stuff on the one side and everything else on the other.

Since the bag is not that expensive and made of leather, I had a suspicion that it would turn out to be poor quality despite the maker insisting it is FINE QUALITY. Surprisingly, praise for the quality of the bag is near-universal. The only real criticism is that the leather is stiff rather than soft. A few people assumed that it would be soft for some reason and were therefore disappointed, but there is nothing wrong with a stiff bag and that can even be an advantage, if you ask me.

I really can’t see any reason not to get this bag for the price. A leather pack for only a few dollars is a great deal and this is the one I am most likely to buy with my own money.

Premium Toiletry Bag By Freegrace

One consistent complaint I read about toiletry bags is that they are always too small. Maybe it’s because most of us have a hard time packing light or maybe it’s because people don’t want to use “travel-sized” products, but the bottom line is that bigger bags are always on the wish list.

Be careful what you wish for though, since you may find that a bigger toiletry bag means more hassles at the airport or less space for other things like clothes. Still, the people have spoken and here we have a bag from Freegrace that offers more space for your pleasure and convenience.

This toiletry bag is available in a number of colors and the material is honeycomb nylon, and Freegrace says it is one of the most durable bags on the market. Apparently it is both tear resistant and waterproof. There is cotton padding in there as well.

The main promise of more space is largely fulfilled. You get plenty of room to stow your grooming and hygiene stuff. Freegrace says it is 150% of typical size and the 11×10 inch footprint definitely supports that.

This is another hanging-style bag with lots of mesh compartments inside and two separate side compartments that can be accessed without opening the main bag. It’s all eminently practical.

The price is also very reasonable and, honestly, there’s nothing seriously negative anyone who has bought this bag has to say. My main gripe is aesthetic, but if you don’t have a problem with either the looks or the extra size I can confidently say that this is the bag for you.

Alpine Swiss Hudson Travel Bag

It’s hard to believe, when looking at this pack, that it only costs a dollar or two more than the other bottom-end budget products we see here. For such a cheap unit the Alpine Swiss Hudson sure looks expensive in pictures. The faux leather and ballistic nylon really does look good.

The specific nylon is 1200 denier and some of the panels are made of self-mending materials. There’s an outside pocket with a zipper and then a central main zip that lets the non-rigid bag open up widely. There’s even a little block where you can have your name engraved if you are either paranoid or vain.

If I look at what people who have bought the bag are saying, the most common theme revolves around the durability of the bag and its size. While it is not described as being too big, it is said to be big enough. The ballistic nylon really is rugged and even the faux leather seems to hold up well to normal use – something which I have found to be rarely true and a good reason to avoid that sort of trim usually. It should be noted that the ballistic nylon is not water resistant, so if you need it to be that’s a deal-breaker. On the flipside, there are quite a few people who say it is not large enough to take things that are not travel-sized, so I suggest you compare the length of your razor to the dimensions of the bag. Other than that the Alpine Swiss Hudson seems like a fine budget purchase that won’t leave you feeling like you should have spent more.

KIPOZI Hanging Toiletry Bag Review

Here we have another hanging toiletry bag from a company called Kipozi. Right off the bat I find myself liking the appearance of the product. As far as I can see it is only available in one color, but luckily that color is black, which as we all know goes with everything. OK, that’s not strictly true, it also comes in a very loud blue color, but if you buy that I contend you have no taste at all (or you’re a swimmer).

Like other hanging bags this one has a hook you can put up on towel rails or in your camping tent, making it convenient to get to all your hygiene stuff and less likely that you’ll forget something in a hotel bathroom. As with other bags of this kind there are multiple pockets so that you can keep things that should not be touching apart and keep them from knocking about.

This bag is rather roomy looking and has several completely separate partitions that can be accessed without opening the main one. The Oxford nylon provides a measure of water resistance, but there are also some pouches with a mesh exterior for things that need breathability for one reason or another – usually because of strong odors.

People who have used this on a day to day basis generally have good things to say about the bag, although the roominess that we see in the product photos may be a little overstated. Apparently the bag is not quite as big as it may seem. There are also some complaints that the hook itself is a little small to go over some common towel rails, so be aware of that.

Other than that, for the price, this is an excellent buy.

Itraveller Portable Hanging Toiletry Bag

Oh boy, another “i-something” product. I so sincerely hope that this terrible i-naming trend will just die already, but I guess that’s wishful thinking.

Anyway, this portable hanging toiletry bag will do double duty on both sides of the gender divide. Which means it’s not specifically made to carry your shaving kit, but it can. The little hook is of course useful to hang the whole thing in a hotel bathroom, either on a rail or a doorknob. The main reason this is a good thing is because it means you can put your stuff straight back in the back, rather than forgetting them somewhere in the hotel bathroom. Although there is no specific niche for an electric shaver, there are plenty of large compartments behind cargo netting, so I’m sure most models will find a spot they can fit into.

The inner lining is apparently anti-bacterial, which is great for wet things such as shaver heads, brushes, and so on – places where bacteria might like to grow. There’s also an upper compartment that’s sealed plastic for things like toothpaste when you go on flights. The bag itself is waterproof and made of nylon.

It’s pretty big, but according to the maker it’s still small enough to be stored inside your check-in luggage. Still, if you want something more compact this is not it.

While it all looks good on paper and most people seem to be happy with it, there are a few worrying stories about the bag’s build quality. The zipper broke quite quickly for some people and the netting of the compartments also starts unraveling in short order. Although this does not seem to be universal, it’s enough that I can’t recommend this bag at full price. However, if it comes on sale for, say, less than $20, I’d say you have a pretty good deal.

Household Essentials
Grooming Travel Bag Organizer

This is a simple and affordable bag from Household essentials that doesn’t have much for or against it in the looks department. It’s just a plain black box-looking thing with a handle sewn into it.

The inner layer is padded, so that the stuff you put inside will only knock against each other, and it has a single zippered side pocket. The top lid unzips on three sides, giving you easy access to the whole thing. There’s also a transparent plastic compartment under the lid which is good for tubes of stuff like toothpaste.

It’s all made from polyester, which is not the most pleasant material, but at least you don’t wear the bag, so it doesn’t make all that much difference.

Basically this bag really is an “essential” since you get the bare minimum. This is basically the difference between keeping your toiletries together or sort of scattering them in your suitcase. From that point of view it’s OK, I guess, but if you can afford something with compartments that actually keep your stuff from jumbling around that would be a better option.

Customers don’t really have any complaints about this bag and generally describe it as “simple” and “good enough”. I think that’s a reasonable way to sum it up – you decide if that’s what you want, but I’d prefer not to have my electric razor knocking about.

Herschel Supply Co. Chapter Travel Kit

Despite its bright choice of colors the most eye-catching thing about the Herschel Supply Co. bag is its price. Ouch, that’s a solid seventy-five bucks right there, ladies and gentlemen. That’s a lot of money for a bag and so this better be the best darn bag on the market, as far as I am concerned.

The material is polyester with leather tabs. So far so disappointing. The bag has a fair internal volume and the size is certainly enough to accommodate most shaving kits and electric shavers, but I see no mention of internal compartments.

That being said, people who own one of these mention the fact that the bag has much more capacity than its appearance would suggest, fitting a surprising number of toiletries.

While tastes vary, it’s also common to hear people say that they find this bag stylish and attractive. I personally don’t think so and find none of the designs on offer very appealing at all, but your own sensibilities are what they are.

While they are in the minority, quite a few people complain about the quality of the product. Normally I’d be OK with that, attributing it to a simple case of bad luck for those people. When it comes to this seventy-five dollar bag though, I find both the lack of sophistication and the complaints about quality inexcusable. I can see no reason to spend this much and can’t recommend this product.

Pockettrip Hanging Toiletry Kit

Pockettrip brings us another multi-compartment hanging travel toiletry bag. It looks very similar to the one from Itraveller which I review on this page too. In fact, it looks so similar that I put the product shots side by side to see if they were in fact the same product sold under different names. Very careful examination does show that there are small differences.

The biggest difference is however the price. The Pockettrip is so cheap that you could probably couldn’t get a hamburger for less. It also comes in nine different colors.

So far I’m actually feeling more positive about the Pockettrip. Some of the color choices are definitely manly, so I’m digging it. There are some floral print options that may not be all that appealing, but the black and blue options are nice.

The interior is water-repellent, rather than waterproof – which, they say, will keep your stuff dry. There are also multiple pockets so you can keep items separate. The material is triple-layer, with a cotton center and fabric on the outside, and the water repellent polyester on the inside.

The hanging feature is one that I like in general for these sorts of products, since it’s such a convenience in hotels or while camping. The only major complaint I see about it has to do with its size. People consistently like the bag, but feel it is too small. Depending on how big your shaving kit is, that may be a problem, so pay special attention to the listed dimensions.

Based on all the people who complain about the size however, I would not hope to fit more than a small travel shaver into this bag. We can spin how small it is into an advantage though. If you put together a kit that’s all travel-sized this may in fact be perfect. Do remember to check out some of the travel shavers I reviewed in my main electric shaver reviews.

The bottom line on this particular bag is that, overall, most people are happy with the quality (although there are a fair amount of complaints) and very happy with the price. Manage your expectations for a ten dollar bag though, and if you can afford something better I would recommend you go that way instead.

Reviews Conclusion

It turns out that finding a good toiletry bag is not all that straightforward. Finding one that’s just the right mix of size, quality, and price is pretty hard. I think my best picks here represent good mixes of all three, but the truth is that each person will have unique requirements. Especially if the bag in question has to serve more than one person at a time. Still, you’ll be glad that you invested in a good toiletry bag, even if you are not a frequent traveler. I can say from experience that wrangling shaving and hygiene items without a bag is an exercise in frustration that anyone should try to avoid.

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