Why to Use an Electric Razor

For those of us who have been on the electric razor bandwagon for some time now, it’s obvious why it’s such a good solution to such an irritating problem.

If you are coming from a history of shaving with a manual razor of some sort and are thinking about moving over to an electric shaver this article will help you make up your mind. It will also be helpful if you are trying to convince a friend or family member that they should be getting rid of their facial hair in a more civilized way.

So let’s get some of the best reasons to own an electric razor on a list, to arm you with some relevant knowledge. Impress your friends!

Speed Demons

It may be surprising to a lot of people that, in most cases, an electric shave, especially a dry one, will be significantly faster than a manual shave. Even if both shaves are wet, electric razors require fewer passes to get the same shave. The actual pass of the electric razor may be slower than the blade, but the manual blade (even if there are five of them) needs multiple passes to get all the shaving done. Which brings us to the next advantage.


One of the big reasons you should use an electric razor is that it is so much kinder to the sensitive skin on our faces and necks. Razors, even safety razors, can easily remove the upper layer of the skin which is commonly known as razor burn.

A good electric razor will barely touch or interfere with your skin at all and since you don’t need as many passes it won’t even spend that much time in contact with your face. Unless you are using an extremely cheap piece of junk, you can kiss the whole experience of nicks, cuts and bleeding goodbye.

Even if, somehow, you do get irritated skin from electric shaving, there are razors with hypoallergenic blades and special modifications to minimize the odds of irritation.

Bumpy Road

If you have facial scarring or suffer from any other condition, such as acne, that makes your facial surface very uneven, you’ll appreciate an electric razor. Since the razor will work with any skin, not just smooth healthy ones. This means you can get a decent shave without resorting to tweezers and don’t have to risk slicing up already damaged skin. It’s a win-win situation.

It Makes Styling Easier

Since you can apply an electric razor to any part of your body without fear of mortally wounding yourself, it means that you can style with confidence. The worst thing that can happen is that you mess up your styling, but only one person can be responsible for that particular problem.

You Can Trim Instead of Shave

If you use something like beard clippers or an electric razor that does not give a particularly close shave, that may in fact be perfect for you. Not everyone wants to or should shave right down to the skin every time. Electric razors and clippers give you the flexibility to do something other than a clean shave.

Speaking of flexibility, if you want to style your mustache or trim body hair, you’ll probably want to use an electric razor or clipper.

You can also use an electric razor in places without much water or bathroom facilities. When it comes to traveling to the corners of the earth, a manual razor will bring you nothing but misery. An electric shaver on the other hand will keep you looking good as long as you can get to a charging point or can buy batteries.

The Brighter Choice

Yes, there are few if any reasons not to go the electric route. Yes, I’ll admit that the shave is not quite as close and that the upfront costs can be relatively high, but in the long term you’ll find that it works out cheaper to go the electric route. The whole while we mustn’t forget that you still get a great shave too!

Surely the electric razor is now a convenient, practical, and affordable way to keep your grooming up without having to torture yourself with a messy, dirty, and unpleasant task such as shaving with a manual razor.

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