Why Use Beard Oil?

Big beards are back in fashion. For anyone who grew up thinking that the world’s fashion would look something like Back to the Future, what people actually look like must come as a shock. If you landed here from the 1950s, you’d be forgiven for thinking nothing had changed. It may not be what anyone expected, but that’s the way the cookie crumbles.

So, if you are someone who cares about being a part of the crowd or you simply think that beards look awesome, you’ll want to take note of beard care products such as beard oil. The standards of facial hair grooming have gone up and that means the rules of the game have changed.

What the heck is beard oil though? Why would you want to use it? What does it do? Fear not my hirsute friends, all will be revealed.

Feel Like a Natural Woman

Human skin produces a lot of natural oils known as sebum. These natural oils have an important job in moisturizing and protecting your skin. It also helps keep our hair healthy and strong. When we wash ourselves with modern soap, our skin and hair get stripped of these oils. That’s what conditioners are actually for – replacing lost natural oils.

Primarily, beard oils are a conditioner for the beard. It protects beard hair, feeds it with vitamins, and keeps it soft. Typically beard oil contains vitamins A, D, and E. It also usually contains linoleic and oleic acids.

On top of this base oil component, many beard oils also have additional components that may promote other functions. For example, there may be scents, anti-bacterial mixtures, or anti-inflammatories.

Are You Happy with Your Current Carrier?

Beard oils are, by volume, mostly made from a carrier oil. The carrier oil is the bit that is meant to condition the skin and beard. Typically the carrier oil will be made from something like coconut, jojoba, grapeseed, or saffron.

The other main component is one or more strong chemical compounds – usually an essential oil, an absolute, or an extract. These substances are usually so strong that you can’t apply them directly. Very small quantities are therefore added to the carrier oil, which makes sure that the dosage coming into contact with your skin is a safe one. Applying that stuff directly to skin can actually cause serious chemical burns and skin irritation, so obviously never do that.

It’s All In The Wrist

So how do you apply beard oil? It’s actually not that hard. The trickiest decision you’ll have to make is how much of it to use. Because the thickness and length of each beard is different it will take you a little while to figure out how much to use in your own case. Generally it is a good idea to start with a small puddle in the palm of your hand about 0.7 inches across.

Its best to apply your beard oil directly after you’ve had a wash; usually after your morning shower. Beard oil should be applied daily in this way and not only in emergencies. That way you can maintain your beard’s health over the long run. Not just for a weekend of partying.
Take the little puddle of oil and spread it between the fingers and palms of both your hands. Apply it evenly throughout your whole beard. You should also massage it into your skin.

After you have worked it into your beard and skin sufficiently, you’ll probably want to brush or style it right away. Your beard should be nice and compliant just after absorbing the oil.

Balmy and Waxy

Apart from beard oils, there are two other products that go in beards – balms and waxes. Beard waxes are a type of grooming aid. It also protects the beard by sealing in the good stuff. For the most part however, wax is used as a way to keep a beard in check and keep flyaway hair strands from popping up. Like oils, beard wax can be scented. It is usually made from beeswax, coconut oil, shea butter, and scented oils. If you work or spend time outside, especially in bad weather, beard wax can help protect your beard from damage caused by nature.

Beard balm is perhaps somewhere between beard wax and beard oil. Like beard oil, it conditions your facial hair, but like wax it provides styling hold. It can’t do either job as well however, and is better for the care and maintenance of shorter beards.

By A Hair

Well, that is all the basic knowledge you need to complement your beard care. If you thought that trimming and combing your beard alone was enough to have a modern beard, well I’m sorry to disappoint you. Still, you can’t argue with the results. If you’re going to grow a beard that doesn’t look like it belongs on a caveman, using beard oil or another similar product is an absolute must.

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