Wahl Professional 5-Star Magic Clipper
for Barbers and Stylists

Wahl seems to play fast and loose with the term “professional”. Their Elite Pro clipper is a good product as far as home clippers go, but it really isn’t a device meant for professionals.

This clipper, the Magic Clip, doesn’t have the word “professional” anywhere in the name, yet it’s specifically meant for professionals only. It makes me wonder what exactly is going on in the well-groomed heads over at Wahl.

I don’t expect professional barbers to be reading this site, of course, but it’s always interesting to look at commercial equipment that’s affordable to everyone and evaluate it as something you may want to use.

Often the difference between home and professional equipment comes down to safety versus performance. The manufacturer may dial down the hand-holding aspects of the product so that it performs better, trusting the competence of the operator to make up for it.

So should you, the average home user, buy this product? Let’s find out.

Design School

This is the Cadillac of hair clippers. What I mean is that it literally looks as if someone used classic Cadillac colors and design principles to come up with the Magic Clip’s looks. Does it look good? I think so, but then I have a liking for classic car design. Someone looking for something that fits in with the modern carbon fiber techno matrix fashion may find the looks of this clipper to be a little quaint.

It does however strongly evoke that professional barbershop vibe, which is probably what Wahl was going for in the first place. These are all good things in my opinion, but of course you may have a completely different view. Many people value performance over looks, however, so perhaps that will be good enough to win you over one way or another.

Precision Tools

The Magic Clip has a few features that separate it from home clippers. For example, it has non-overlapping blades, which are more precise if you believe Wahl. Not only that, they are supposed to be faster as well, something that matters when you are trying to do as many haircuts in a day as possible.

There is also a thumb lever that lets you adjust texture and taper without having to swap out anything.

The cord is eight feet long, another fact that betrays the commercial focus of these clippers. The cord has been treated to resist the types of chemicals that may be spilled in a hair salon from time to time. Not something really relevant to most home users.

The feature that sounds best to me as a home user is probably the over-specified motor. The V9000 motor is 50% more powerful than a typical clipper’s. It also doesn’t run as hot. I understand why this is great for commercial use where your clipper has to run constantly, but even as a home user I have had clippers that get too hot to use during a single haircut. This clipper is not going to do that, unless your are trying to shave a sasquatch. For human beings, the clipper is rated to cut any sort of hair. So if you are of African descent, for example, and you are struggling to find a clipper that works with your hair, this may be just the ticket.

It should be noted that this product is only for sale in the U.S. and will only work on U.S. electric grids.

The Complete Package

The included accessories in this kit are quite impressive. Everything you may need is here save a good pair of scissors. There are eight combs, a cleaning brush, blade oil, and a high-visibility blade guard.

Given the relatively low price of the Magic Clip, I have to say the value for money here is exceptional. Apart from some good hair scissors, I do also miss the inclusion of a storage pouch to keep everything together. It does apparently come with a plastic box, but the quality of it is essentially disposable, so that’s no help.