Wahl High Performance Elite Pro
Haircut Kit (#79602)

When you go and call your hair clipper the “Elite Pro” you are setting a certain expectation. That expectation is not “pretty good” or “value for money”. It’s the expectation that something should stand out from the crowd and be a one-in-a-million special case.

That means we can’t just look at it in a normal light, right? Let’s see just how “elite” this hair clipper can actually be.

Looks Are Everything After All

We’re off to a strong start. The styling of this clipper makes it look really well-made. The textures and details combined with the different material finish make a great impression. Just by looking at the Elite Pro I have no doubt that I’m seeing something different than usual. This would not look out of place hanging in just about any upmarket barbershop.

The superior styling of the Wahl goes a long way to justifying the “elite” moniker. I have to tip my hat to fair play here on the part of Wahl.

Power Play

When we think of high-quality products, we usually think of durability. An expensive pair of boots are expected to last years and a cheap set can be forgiven if they only last a relatively short time. In the case of hair clippers, the main component that determines if it keeps going or ends up in the bin is the motor that drives the blades. Wahl says that the motor in this clipper is the most powerful and durable one they have.

This is a corded model and the motor is apparently 15 percent stronger than the next best unit that Wahl makes. Combined with their best-quality blades, Wahl says that the cutting performance of these clippers is 40% faster than that of the typical product.

It’s in the Details

Other details are just as impressive, especially since they are small ones. The cord is eight feet long and thick, covered in a heavy-duty insulator. The combs are special premium models as well. They are made to be much stronger than the average clipper combs. About 70%, according to Wahl, although they don’t say what they’ve measured their combs against. They also have little nameplates on them to make it easy to read the sizes.

Wahl has also included a truly lovely storage case. It makes you feel like you are carrying around nuclear launch codes or something.

There are a total of eight combs included in the bundle. The first starts off at 1.5mm and the last ends up at 25mm.

Everyone Has an Opinion

What really matters in the end is not how elite Wahl brands the product as, but how people actually experience it. Feedback from customers who have bought the Elite Pro is overwhelmingly positive. While Wahl’s 15 percent power boost claims may seem like something that won’t make a difference, people seem to notice the extra power often enough to mention it.

The negatives are a bit worrying, however. Quite a few people are saying that some components of the Elite Pro are not as high quality as the appearance of the clipper would suggest. Plastic screws are an overall poor comparison to professional clippers. There are complaints about some assembly errors here and there as well as rust issues. Finally, it seems that some people find it too noisy.

These complaints seem to be in the minority though, and I cannot think that so many people would wax lyrical about these clippers if they were generally poor.

The Big Question

In spite of a few people who have had negative experiences, I think the Elite Pro is a very good home clipper. I wouldn’t recommend it for professional use, in spite of the name, but professional stylists already know what’s good in their industry. So maybe I feel a little miffed at Wahl’s marketing here. The quality promised by the name and design may not be all there. The price is low enough to tell the sensible person that maybe this isn’t really a professional clipper, but if you look at it as a very good home-grade product I can be much more sympathetic with it.

So should you buy the Elite Pro? I think the answer is yes. If you know that you are buying a good home clipper from a reputable company that looks good and performs well for home use workloads, and not something a professional stylist would be slavering over, you should be perfectly happy with your purchase.