Wahl Professional 8061-100
5-star SeriesRechargeable Shaver

Wahl is without a doubt one of the best makers of hairdressing tools in the world. I doubt there is a barbershop or hair salon anywhere in the world that doesn’t have at least one professional quality trimmer in its arsenal. The Wahl brand therefore really stands for quality, but those high-end professional trimmers cost an arm and a leg. Who is to say that this sixty dollar product can even be spoken about in the same breath? Wahl says that is squarely aimed at professionals and is not really meant for home use, so is it?

The Ugly Stick

Why Wahl? Why?

This has got to be one of the ugliest products ever to roll out of a factory. Brown and gold with nasty 70s exploitation film fonts. Who looks at this and goes “Yeah, that looks awesome. That’s professional”?

In terms of its shape, well, it’s basically just an oblong rectangle. I don’t know if you can tell at all, but I actually don’t like the look of the 8061 that much. I understand that this is being marketed as a purely functional device, but at least make it black or something, guys. Hilariously, the marketing materials say that it has an “appealing aesthetic”. Wow.

No Road Bumps

The main claim to fame of the 8061 is its hypoallergenic foil coating and apparent lack of any razor bumps. Specifically it’s very appropriate for men of African descent. These customers specifically say that the 8061 has been excellent in this regard.

It also seems popular among military personnel (which may explain the styling) and head shavers. It also helps that the 8061 has contouring abilities that a skilled barber can use to cut precise shapes to the shave. It should also prevent nicks and cuts for deep, close shaving sessions.

The 8061 is also dead, dead simple to use. It’s either on or off. Pretty hard to get that wrong.

Full Power

The batteries are an older nickel-cadmium technology and will run the shaver for 60 minutes at full speed. You can run the shaver corded or cordless, so there’s not too much to worry about when it comes to quick charges and such. I’m guessing Wahl envisioned this running in a barber shop close to an outlet anyway.

Peak Performance

In the end, what really matters is that it shaves you properly. It seems a lot of actual professional barbers use this shaver and in their hands it works fantastically. On the flipside, I see many complaints about regular old Joes like you and I who seem very unhappy with the 8061. It pulls their hair, causes bumps on very sensitive skin, and generally does not seem to work as advertised.

I guess like most professional products, the 8061 doesn’t hold your hand. If you don’t know what you’re doing it will bite you. OK, perhaps not that dramatic. Clearly however there are people who get a sub-optimal experience from this product. Perhaps because the motor is much more powerful than the average consumer may be used to.

There are also some complaints about the plasticy quality of the 8061. It’s obviously built to its price and the actual foil itself is where most of the money went. This is also why a replacement foil costs almost as much as a new one. Worryingly, I also see some complaints about the batteries failing rather quickly, leaving only the corded mode as an option.

Prosumer Choice

If you know what you’re doing then you probably have no reason to be reading this review, but at the same time this product may be what you’d prefer.

For the rest of us, perhaps the 8061 is too pure of an electric razor for us to handle. Personally I find this razor to be deeply unappealing on many levels, but the stories of people who are just like me and probably like you simply not getting along with this product can’t be ignored either. So it’s more than just a personal dislike.

That being said, the superior performance of this shaver with facial hair of people who trace their ancestry to Africa may just be a saving grace. If you have struggled with various electric razors not working on your facial hair and have tried other options, the asking price for the 8061 may very well be worth it.