Sminiker Quiet Pro Professional
Barber Hair Clippers Set

One of the biggest and most common complaints I have heard about hair clippers is that they are simply too loud. It may not be all that bad at arm’s length, but if you are the one getting a haircut a noisy clipper can actually be quite intolerable.

This hair clipper from Sminiker claims as one of its main selling points that it is quiet. It says right in the name that this clipper is so quiet that you can use it to cut the hair of a baby. That’s a pretty bold statement, but there is definitely a place in the world for a quieter hair clipper, so let’s see what all the lack of noise is about.

Slick Rick

The design of the Sminiker is pretty slick, its design is oddly uniform for a hair clipper. That’s most likely because this is a cordless clipper. Cordless clippers that are actually decent are pretty rare, which is why we don’t often see products with designs like these pop up among the more popular items.

I think the muted, gray metallic look is very nice indeed and associate this kind of look with upmarket salons and other fancy establishments.

Bag It and Tag It

There are quite a few items in the kit. Apart from the cordless clipper itself, you get an AC adapter, two rechargeable batteries, a cleaning brush, scissors, and four combs. The scissors are a nice addition, but the inclusion of only four length combs is a bit sparse.

These combs allow for lengths from 3mm to 12mm in increments of 3mm. This will probably cover the needs of most simple haircuts, but people looking to do something more complicated may want to look elsewhere.

Hang Time

Since this is a battery-powered device that does not run in corded mode it really matters how long it takes to charge and how long that charge can keep it going. According to Sminiker it takes two to three hours to fully charge the clipper. That will give you eight hours of operation. That’s actually pretty astounding, and don’t forget that there are two batteries included in the deal.

Easy Rider

These clippers are very compact, but actually they are quite heavy at just over 500g, or about a pound. That’s pretty heavy for something that you have to hold at arm’s length for significant amounts of time.

Horse Whisperer

The big question, of course, is whether the clipper is quiet or not. This is obviously something only people who have held it next to their ear could possible know and the good news is that these people do say the Sminiker is quiet.

Slice and Dice

Being quiet can also mean that the motor is weak and the blades therefore do not cut well. Any suggestion to this effect can be dismissed easily however, since users report that the Sminiker cuts hair with no issues whatsoever. Yes, that includes the fine, soft hair of young children as well. I’m really surprised that it reportedly cuts as well as it does. However, given the weight of the clipper and the relatively large size of those lithium batteries, it may explain why it has the power to stay in the game.

Negative Nelly

I’d like to say something negative about the Sminiker and I can’t really. There seems to be some sort of issue with the oil that’s supposed to be included in the package that had to be removed in some regions due to local laws and regulations.

The other issue is that the battery life claims seem to be exaggerated. Not a big surprise, but users report only getting about one and a half haircuts out of a full charge. Not a big issue given that two batteries are included, but far less than the promised eight hours.

Wireless Wonder

I was pretty sure that no cordless clippers were going to make it into my list of top picks, but I’m happy to have been proven wrong. It turns out that these are effective, practical, and just plain quiet clippers. The price is a little more than the average corded unit, but I think it’s definitely worth it, given how convenient it is and especially how kid-friendly these clippers are.

Although there isn’t exactly a lot of competition, these clippers get my nod as the best cordless hair clippers.