Remington HKVAC2000A
Vacuum Hair Clippers

Yes, this hair clipper really sucks. And no, that isn’t the conclusion of my review, that’s just a simple fact about the Remington HKVAC2000A. This weird and wonderful product is not only a hairclipper, it’s also a hair vacuum cleaner. This ain’t no Flowbee, this is a totally serious clipper made by the totally serious and venerable Remington.

I Think I love You

As much as I value function, it’s almost as important to me that the things I buy are pleasing to look at. That’s not a problem at all for the HKVAC, since it has one of the most striking designs I have ever seen on a piece of hair styling equipment. What Remington has done is to make the vacuum dirt catcher transparent with a lovely clear blue plastic. This not only looks cool and futuristic, it means you can easily see if the chamber has to be cleaned out.

Double Dragon

Believe it or not, this clipper squeezes not one, but two, motors into its housing. One motor drives the clipper blades as usual, while the other drives the vacuum. This separation of duty means better power and better efficiency.

The blades are what Remington describes as “precision ground” and, given its reputation as a top-tier blade maker, I’m inclined to believe it.

The collection chamber is apparently large enough to accommodate all the hair cuttings that would usually end up on your desk or floor. Most importantly, it should help alleviate the horrible experience of having tiny pieces of hair stubble in your neck and other places you keep finding them following a haircut.

In my mind it also makes the clipper attractive to people who like to cut their own hair, since it means you don’t really have to worry about where the hair clippings are going. I guess this is something other people have thought of as well, since the product most commonly bought with this clipper is a hand mirror.

Big Package

Despite the budget-friendly price, Remington has thrown a huge number of extras into the deal. In total, the kit consists of eighteen pieces. There are six length combs, a styling comb, tapers, barber scissors, a brush, a blade guard, sectioning clips, oil, and a big storage pouch. Really great value for money. The only thing missing for the self-shaver is a mirror. Everything else you need is right here.

The combs range from 25 mm down to 3 mm at irregular intervals, but there should always be something close to what you need.

It Blows Your Hair Back

As you may have suspected the dual-motor configuration doesn’t really make it practical for this clipper to be battery-powered. Instead, it makes use of a cord. That at least puts it on par with every other decent clipper, since as far as I can tell almost none of the top clippers can get by on battery power.

The good news is that according to people who have cut hair with it, the vacuum feature actually works as advertised. Personally, I was worried right from the start that it may be a bit of a gimmick, but it turns out that’s not the case.

So assuming that the vacuum aspect works properly and there are no complaints about the actual cutting performance, what can I conclude?

The Last Word

I really like the idea of this clipper. It’s all very pretty as well and I know Remington to make quality stuff. The price is very good, there are a fair number of accessories and of course the convenience of the vacuum feature is just great.

Obviously it’s not all roses. There are a few issues people have picked up with the Remington.

First of all, the combination of motors and vacuum make for one loud machine; loud enough that some people said it hurt their ears. It’s not everyone though, so your mileage may vary.

Some people also say that the vacuum blows hair out of the exhaust again, but it’s not a common complaint, so I suspect this is happening when people cut hair that’s already very short, such as with daily or weekly trimming. This makes it through the system without being caught.

I think this is especially useful for people who cut their own hair, live in apartments, or for one reason or another cannot deal with the mess. If, however, you are OK with a bit of sweeping, there may be more focused products for the same money.