Remington PR1260 R5
Electric Razor Review

It’s unlikely you’ll find too many rotary shavers on any electric razor best-sellers lists these days. Remington’s entry is therefore part of a very small club of these razors that people still feel compete with foil razors.

Personally I have never had a problem with rotary razors and I was surprised to find that they aren’t as popular as they once were, but perhaps taste, fashion, or technology will change the situation again in the future.

I have high hopes for this shaver. Remington has a good reputation and surely there must be a reason why this one is still popular. Of course, that popularity could have everything to do with brand recognition and nothing to do with quality. So let’s have a good look.

Average Joe

This is a rotary razor that has what can best be described as a “classic” design. I’ve owned several rotaries over the years from various brands that all basically look like this. Same ergonomics, same layout.

It is therefore a design that, visually at least, leaves me unmoved. There is however a reason why this is the classic design – it works! This is a design that has stood the test of time. Sure it isn’t as flashy as the alien stylings of the Philips Norelco 6400 I also review on my site, but it’s also not actively unattractive.

I think there is something to be said for a shaver that can sort of fade into the background. If you’re not into flashy stuff, there should be nothing here to put you off the Remington.

Titanium Membership

Remington’s razors usually have exceptional blades and in this case that is no different. The R5 uses twin blade tracks with a titanium coating. That promises to be a really sharp solution to the problem of stubborn hair. They also say that having two tracks makes skin contact closer and hence you’ll get a close shave. The tracks run one within the other, sort of turning this into a six-head rotary. More of the rotary surface is actually cutting surface and the openings have been precision cut to guide hairs into them.

Let’s Get Physical

Unlike the Philips 6400 with its limited 2D flexing, the R5 has a fully flexing head. Whether this performs better than Philips’ solution is hard to say, since no one actually had any complaints. Still, the Remington flexes more. Do with that information what you will.

There’s also a pop-up trimmer, which should be non-negotiable. We always need those.

Water Sports

The Remington is washable, which is a great feature in a rotary razor. I always find dry brushing of these things to be a major pain in the behind. It is not a wet shaver, however, so don’t get into the shower with it.

Electric Roundabout

This is a lithium-powered shaver with a 60 minute run-time and a ninety-minute charge time. There is a five-minute quick charge function though. Still, sixty minutes is excellent and more than enough to get most people throughout the week. Three simple LEDs indicate how low on juice you actually are. Not too much information, but enough to stay out of trouble and not be stuck with half a shave and a plane to catch. I can’t see any indication that this supports international voltages, though. Users says it automatically adapts, so it’s funny Remington doesn’t mention such an important feature.

Jury of Peers

I admit, everything on paper about the R5 has got me excited. It seems that it should be a great little shaver at a wonderful price. In practice? Things do not look good AT ALL.

The problem is simply that for all the talk of twin-track blades and titanium coating, the R5 just doesn’t shave very well. There’s an army of people complaining about it and, if you ask me, where there’s smoke there is also fire.

This is the mid-low end of the market, where Philips Norelco rules the roost. While Remington makes some really good foil shavers and good higher-end shavers overall, they don’t seem to have mastered the art of the cheap shaver well enough to beat Philips at their own game.

As much as I’d hoped for once that the marketing spoke true, I think it’s probably best to avoid this particular shaver. If you must have a rotary, I’d recommend the much nicer Philips Norelco 6400. OK, it is double the price of this Remington, but it’s more than twice as good, so really it represents better value for money overall.