Electric Razor

The listings of top electric razors are dominated by the likes of Braun and Philips, so it’s good to see Remington still pop up every now and then. Like Braun, Remington has been around for a long, long time. The shaver division of the firearms company offshoot started selling their products in 1937 with the Remington Model E.

Here we have the Remington F5-5800. An inexpensive foil shaver that has proven to be quite popular. Will almost a century of experience making electric razors shine through in such a humble product? Let’s have a look.

Good Old Boy

The looks of the F5-5800 can be summed up as “traditional”. It really doesn’t look all that different from the very earliest shavers Remington built. If you’re looking for fancy modern styling then you’d best look elsewhere. Remington stays staunchly in its comfort zone here. At least you know that none of the low price went into design considerations. Hey, if it works for Porsche …

Hopefully the guts of the Remington are what have received the bulk of the budget. If you are the kind of person who doesn’t like change too much, Remington may already have scored a point here.

The Bullet Points

The Remington can be used corded or cordless. That’s something we see less and less of in electric shavers these days. Honestly, given the existence of quick-charge and modern battery technology I’m not that bothered by the ability to run straight off the cord, but it may be important to some people I guess.

What is impressive is the actual battery life. Remington claims that you’ll get 60 minutes of shaving off a full charge with 20 days of standby. That makes it pretty attractive as a travel shaver.

The Remington’s head is also washable, it is not however “wet and dry”. So don’t use it in the shower.

Happily there is a pop-up trimmer, which I consider essential.

Sharper Image

The blades in the Remington are made from surgical stainless steel. So if that’s good enough for your uncle’s heart bypass it should be good enough for your beard. This is one of the main reasons you can run this under water and not have to worry about rust or a general dulling of the blades.

The head also pivots and flexes to better follow the contours of your face. At this price it’s good to see a floating head, often cheaper foil razors like these will just have a fixed head. A great move on Remington’s part.

A Close Cut Thing

By focusing on the most important core aspects a foil shaver should have, Remington has apparently created a budget razor that does not give budget shaves. Based on what people are saying, this little guy is literally a cut above. The blades are sharp and efficient. I see people of African descent in particular praise the fact that this can shave their beards without issue.

Unfortunately, it seems that it is rather rough on the skin and for people with very thick and coarse beard hair it may be necessary to go with something more expensive. I can’t blame Remington for that, though. Given the budget constraints of this razor it really goes to show what paying attention to the fundamentals can do for you. There are no fancy flashing lights on this thing, but it gets the job done.

Money, Money, Money

I love products that are “cheap and cheerful”. Which is to say that they are inexpensive, but not actually junk. The Remington certainly falls into that category. I am a little worried about the number of people noting ones being dead on arrival or breaking soon after purchase, but given the low price and how easy returns are these days, it’s not really a big problem.

People are saying that the replacement foil is a bit expensive compared to the initial cost of the shaver, but it is sort of irrelevant. There is a price bottom on these things and the foil is where most of the cost comes from. It’s better to buy this if it is all your budget can accommodate and then save up over a year for a better model.

The most interesting angle here is when it comes to travel shavers. This costs about as much as something like the Braun M90. Honestly, if I were looking for a travel shaver I’d rather buy this. You lose the small size and reliance on disposable batteries, but everything else is better. This is therefore a mediocre regular shaver, but a great travel shaver. If you see it that way it all starts to make sense.