Panasonic ER-GB80-S
Body and Beard Trimmer

I really don’t hear enough from Panasonic anymore these days. At one point half of the appliances I owned were probably made by Panasonic, but these days other brands seem more prominent.

Looking at this ER-GB8-S multi-function trimmer, it seems that at least this division of the company is still on their game. According to Panasonic this trimmer has won awards, so that’s a good start. Of course, by the almost hundred dollar price you can already tell this is not an average chopper, tending more toward the mid-high end of the market.

I’m usually skeptical of hype, however, and this time is no different. Let’s see if this trimmer lives up to the noise that Panasonic wants to make about it.

Silver Fox

From a purely design and aesthetic perspective I have to say that Panasonic has done a stellar job. The entire trimmer is decked out in either brushed silver or black. It definitely works and makes it absolutely clear to anyone looking at it that the Panasonic is just a little premium.

I like the ergonomics of the trimmer as well, with a lovely rubberized grip. A grip you may very well need, since this trimmer can also be rinsed under running water. It even has these special channels to direct the flow of the water so that the blades are rinsed properly and quickly.


This trimmer is meant for more than just a beard trimmer. Panasonic says that the 45-degree stainless-steel blades are suitable for cutting hair on the head and body as well.

There are also concessions to those of us with sensitive skin. The blades are apparently hypoallergenic.

In terms of adjustments this is a pretty versatile machine. The Panasonic offers 39 settings selected by way of a dial system. These different settings aid in sculpting, trimming, and detailing your hair. Whether front hair, top hair, or (shudder) back hair. It can adjust the trimming length in 0.5mm increments ranging from half a millimeter to twenty. Half a millimeter is pretty damn impressive, I have to say.

There’s also a nice extra in the form of a slide-out trimmer that can be used to add edges to sideburns and other detailed work. This slide-out trimmer has exactly the same type of blade as the main trimmer head.

Combing the Desert

There are three comb attachments included with the Panasonic. An “A” comb for close beard shaves, a “B” comb for longer beards, and a 1.5mm attachment that can be used for body hair grooming.

Power Play

This is a cordless model, but it can run corded as well. Very useful if you can’t get the job done off battery power alone.

Speaking of which, the battery provides 50 minutes of use, which is more than enough for average workloads. There is a charge indicator on the body of the device too, so you don’t have to wonder if the trimmer is about to die.

The batteries are, however, the NiMH type, so expect lengthy charge times. However, since this is also a corded trimmer that becomes somewhat of a non-issue.

Votes of Confidence

Customer reactions to the Panasonic trimmer are very, very positive. There are many testimonials that relate to the build quality. Words like “sturdy” and “well-built” are all over the place when you read the feedback.

OK, but does it actually trim hair well? For the most part the answer is very much “Yes”. It is especially people with very thick beards who sing the praises of Panasonic’s multi-function trimmer.

The only real complaints come from the body hair trimming attachment. Apparently it is a bit too easy to accidentally pull body hair when using it too enthusiastically. If you have particularly tough or thick body hair this may not be the ideal solution for you. Also, I really love your work, Mr. Bigfoot.

What would I personally have done differently? I’d happily sacrifice total battery runtime for faster charging lithium batteries. I might also have like a body hair trimmer that could shave just a smidge shorter than 1.5mm, but that really is just being picky.

Overall, despite the relatively high price, the Panasonic is easily in contention for the best beard trimmer you can buy. I have no doubt that if you put money down on this product it will keep you happy and trimmed for years to come.