Conair Corded
Beard and Mustache Trimmer

Conair has developed a reputation for walking the thin line between price and quality. Most of the time they get it right, although there have been a few products I’ve had to question.

It’s hard to imagine that this corded trimmer from Conair could be any cheaper. At just over ten bucks this is literally an impulse buy. We’re talking about a burger and soda for one person here. The price of a cheap lunch is all it takes to own your own beard trimmer. Hoping that it may actually be a good one is a bonus at this point.

Red Riding Hood

This unit is decked out in a sort of glossy cherry red color, which I’m not a fan of, personally.
Ergonomically this is about as basic as it get. I suppose we are lucky that it’s a shape and size that fits into a human hand, wishing for more would be greedy.

Man of Steel

As usual, Conair has concentrated on the most important components when it comes to quality materials. In this case it’s the actual blades. These stainless steel cutters should last a while, although Conair is offering a limited 2-year warranty with the trimmer. That gives you a good idea of the sort of longevity you can expect from the product.

This is not a water-washable device, but luckily the blades are removable and can be easily washed independently.

Adjust Your Set

If you want to do complex blended and multi-level beard styles you’ll want to look elsewhere. There are no sub-millimeter adjustment levels here.

What you do get are two jawline combs and a five-position comb. It’s all very simple and decidedly un-fancy.

Quality Deferred

Looking at what customers are saying, this is one beard trimmer that has a lot of positive buzz about it. No pun intended.

The performance of the Conair trimmer seems to be OK. Even some professional hairdressers have commented to say that the blades are good for precise, close cuts and shaping. Obviously the lack of length adjustments limit advanced styling, but as a beard trimmer with competent core functionality, it just about does the job.

There are more than a few complaints about the overall build quality, though. The combs in particular seem prone to breaking from fatigue. Once they are gone you are pretty much stuck with a close shaver rather than a beard trimmer.

There are also complaints about the trimmer getting very hot and needing frequent pauses in order to cool down. This is especially problematic when the comb is removed and the metal is in direct contact with the skin. A frustrating situation, to be sure.

Can these problems be lived with? Well, the broken combs basically render the entire thing worthless, but if you get a few months out of a ten dollar trimmer, can that really be a criticism?

The heat issue is a bit more serious and basically means that to use the device comfortably you’ll need to either limit the length of each session or avoid using it without the plastic comb.

Rock Bottom Line

The first thing I think I can say is that clearly this trimmer from Conair is not junk. It works well enough to do the job it promises to do on the box.

So my first recommendation is that if you only have ten dollars to spend on a beard trimmer you have a hard time finding anything better than this. If it were any cheaper Conair would be paying you to take it off their hands. That fact plus the actual non-junk status of the product are strong endorsements.

The second question then is whether you should buy this even if you can afford more than ten dollars. That’s a harder one to answer.

Remember that much of the cost saving comes from the fact that this is not battery-powered. If cordless operation is something you have no interest in, buying slightly more expensive battery-powered trimmers won’t actually get you a better trimmer.

If, however, you can spend fifty dollars or more almost any product is going to beat the ten dollar Conair. I honestly commend Conair for making such an affordable trimmer and for that I can confidently make them my budget choice. As long as you know what you’re getting for your money, there should be no problem at all.