Braun Series 9-9095cc
Electric Men’s Razor

The Series-9 electric razors from Braun have been pretty well-received as a replacement for the Series-7 products that have been around for a few years. Of course, you can still buy the Series-7 razors and if you can get them at a discount they are still brilliant. The venerable 790cc has, however, been made essentially obsolete by the 9090cc. Although those who have upgraded from the 790cc to the 9090cc don’t think it’s a particularly big jump, if you are buying new, going for the Series-9 unit is a bit of a no-brainer.

Here we have a different kettle of fish though. The 9095cc is two models above the 9090cc, with the 9093cc squeezed in between.

This means that, at the moment, this is the pinnacle product of the range. The 9095cc carries a significant price premium over the already expensive 9090cc. Can it possibly be worth the extra money?

By Design

When I reviewed the 9090cc I waxed lyrical about the amazing looks and design of the razor, which means it’s a good thing that the 9095cc looks exactly the same. Everything I had to say positively about the lower model is therefore still true for me. I love the metallic finish, the shape, the size – everything.

The 9095cc is clearly a premium product to everyone that cares to look at it, but of course no one will know you paid more for this one. So if that kind of thing is important to you, it may be something to keep in mind. Of course, if the extra time and money hadn’t gone into improving the looks, I guess it’s reasonable to think that the inside has been revamped.

Creature Feature(s)

While it’s becoming normal for premium electric razors to have fully floating cutting elements and self-adjusting heads, the 9095cc adds to this by letting you lock into one of five positions – something Braun is calling “MultiHeadLock” this time around. Honestly, I thought that was a wrestling thing.

Like other high-end units in the range, the 9095 is completely waterproof. You rinse it directly under water without worrying for even a second that the unit will be harmed. You can also run it this way and so it will work as a wet & dry razor.

There are tiny combs that lift and direct hairs into the cutting elements. There’s the Braun OptiFoil, which apparently gives a very close shave and the 10,000 vibrations-per-minute sonic system that apparently boosts the cutting power of the razor intelligently when running over tougher patches of beard.


Like the other Series-9 razors, this one comes with the awesome clean and charge station Braun uses to sell you yet another cartridge-based consumable. It’s not too bad though, since it will ensure that your razor is always clean and ready to go. If you are mostly going to use the razor in a home environment, it basically makes the total battery life irrelevant. You’ll be happy to know however, that if you do need to ship out to that conference and leave the charging station behind, you should get about 10 five-minutes shaves from a full charge on the built-in lithium ion battery.

The station also lubes and dries the razor, so you really don’t have to worry about that aspect of maintenance. That’s for people with less money to spend on an electric razor, apparently.

Accessorize Dude

Braun has also seen fit to include a cleaning brush and travel pouch in the package, so that hitting the road is a bit more convenient. You also get a “smart plug” charger that automatically adapts to the voltage of the country you are in.

Pulling the Trigger

When you get into this rarified air, it becomes hard to the tell the difference between a three hundred dollar premium shaver and a four hundred dollar one. Everyone who has bought this product is lyrical about the shave it produces – just as they are for the two cheaper models below this one. The main complaints I saw with the older 9090cc was that 790cc owners felt it wasn’t worth the upgrade. I don’t see any such complaints here.

I also don’t really see how the extra cost going up from the 9090cc is justified. So here is my take on things. If you own something like the 790cc and need to upgrade, buy the 9095cc; you’ll be happy with the improvement relative to your old shaver. If you have a 9090cc, hold into it. This 9095cc is certainly not worth upgrading for.

It is notable that at this end of the market Braun is almost in competition only with itself. All of the Series-9 razors and the outgoing Series-7 ones are excellent products, which makes the justification for spending an extra hundred bucks without any clear reason even harder. If you want a pinnacle product to get that amazing shave before you whisk your date away in your Porsche, this is for you. If, on the other hand, you care about performance while still being sane with your money, opt for one of the lower-end Series-9 units.