Braun 9 9090cc
Electric Men’s Razor with Cleaning Center

If you are looking for the Rolls Royce of foil shavers, it would probably be something like this almost three-hundred dollar electric razor from Braun.

Braun has been around for almost a century now and is surely one of the most venerable names in home appliances. This Series 9 9090cc razor immediately strikes you as something special when you just look at it. Everything about this razor screams quality. From the chrome accents to the blue LCD, this is not a dime store special.

Looks Are Everything

I absolutely adore the way this razor looks. There is no way the designers did not take their cues from luxury cars that come from Germany, and a few other European nations known for design panache. This is what I imagine James Bond using to shave with, if James Bond would ever admit to using anything but a straight razor.

Ahead of the Game

Most of the asking price for this razor probably went into the very fancy head. It uses something that Braun refers to as “SyncroSonic” technology, which forms part of the four-stage head assembly.

It has a micro-sonic vibration system that apparently improves the amount of hair shaved off in one go. This is bolstered by the “direct and cut” trimmer that first lines up hair before cutting it, regardless of the grain direction. Then there’s the HyperLift and Cut trimmer that lifts up hair lying flat against the skin. Personally that’s my biggest hate with electric shavers; often I have to tweeze out the last few hairs that just won’t stand up.

This is all finished up with the OptiFoils, which Braun says is their best foil system; providing a closer shave than anything else they sell.

Taking a Dip

This shaver is completely waterproof. It’s rated for full submersion down to five meters, which is obviously unlikely to ever happen unless your job is scuba instructor and you shave on the job. What is does mean is that you can shave in the shower with full confidence and the whole thing is fully washable. It would also be awful if a little water destroyed your very expensive razor.

Battle Stations

What I really like is the included clean and charge station. This thing is more advanced than the shaver itself. It charges the shaver while also cleaning it with an alcohol-based solution. It also lubricates the blades and dries the shaver off. That’s seriously impressive.

Just a Bit Off the Top

As with even bargain-basement razors, there is also a trimmer attachment built in. The difference here is how precise and well-machined the trimmer is. It also uses a much more elegant sliding mechanism than a hinged pop-up.

A Marathon, Not A Sprint

The battery life of the 9090cc is claimed at 50 minutes. That’s more than adequate for most people, providing an extra three shaves per week off a single charge. It may be a moot point however, since naturally you’ll want to store it in the charging station, so I doubt you’ll run out unless traveling.

Fuzzy Wuzzy

Although this is a foil razor, which usually does not do well on longer hair, the 9090cc is rated for three days of beard growth. Something I wouldn’t usually attempt with a foil shaver. I’m very impressed that the 9090cc can handle that much.

What Say You?

As you may expect, people are pretty happy with the product. Obviously, given how expensive it is, that enthusiasm is a bit tempered. People also complain that it’s a bit too substantial. Big and heavy may not be the best attributes for a handheld razor, but on the other hand this is a lot of razor.

Overall, people confirm that the 9090cc is quiet, comfortable, and has a nice close shave. More importantly, the head design keeps any potential skin irritation to an absolute minimum.

One possible negative is that the inclusion of the cleaning station adds yet another consumable to the equation, when cheaper razors can just be rinsed. But I think it’s worth it, given everything that station does, including the cleaning.

Most people who aren’t that stoked by the 9090cc seem to be owners of the previous high-end 790cc. The main issue is that this is just not that much of an upgrade. So if you already own that razor or something of similar quality, you may not experience the 9090cc as being all that great. If this is your first premium razor however, I’m 100% convinced it will blow anyone away. The price is a sore point, but as always you get what you pay for.