Braun Series 7 790cc-4
Electric Men’s Razor

The Braun series-7 razors are some of the highest-end electric razors that Braun makes and, of course, are priced accordingly. Now that there is also a series-9, the series-7 can be considered mid to high end, but the price difference isn’t very substantial.

Looking at the design of the 790cc-4 in particular, I have to say that this is one of my favorite razors in terms of looks. The all-over brushed metal look really works for me. It’s covered in interesting and attractive shapes and colors. Especially pretty is the little indicator on the bottom that shows both how clean the razor is and how much battery life is left.

Pulling Out The Stops

The 790cc-4 has a whole bunch of cool features. It automatically boost power to handle harder-to-shave areas. The ActiveLift feature actively lifts hairs that lie flat against the skin, feeding them into the cutting elements. Braun claims the foils on the 790cc will cut your beard down to 0.05mm. That promises to be almost indistinguishable from a razor shave. OK, maybe not quite, but you have to admit that’s still a very close shave.

Like the other higher-end razors from Braun, the head has multiple independent cutting elements and an independently pivoting head that helps keep as much foil in contact with skin as possible.

The Personal Touch

I do like the idea that you can choose between three different shaving modes, depending on the intensity of the shave you feel to be comfortable. There is a low setting for those of us with sensitive skin and then a medium and intense click on the dial. I can’t recall that I’ve seen this on other razors in the Braun series.

In It for the Long Haul

It’s very telling that Braun is willing to back the 790cc with a seven-year warranty. Of course, you’ll have gone through many foil cartridges during that time, but the motor and battery on the typical electric razor would be kaput in half that time if you are a daily shaver. I think this speaks to not only premium features, but confidence in premium components. The bean-counters at Braun would certainly not have approved such a lengthy warranty if they had even the slightest belief a significant number of razors would fail within that time.

Such long-term confidence also helps to soften the blow of the pricing quite a bit. After all, you’d have bought several cheaper electric razors over that time thanks to failed batteries alone, and suffered an inferior shave over that same time.

Power Cell

Speaking of the battery, like the series-9 razors the 790cc is rated for 50 minutes of operation on a full charge. That gives you a very respectable 10 shaves and gives the daily shaver a practical possibility of only recharging once a week. Of course, as with the series-5 and up, this extended battery life is potentially irrelevant for home use given the inclusion of what is possibly the best accessory Braun makes for its electric razors.

Take Your Station

I am of course referring to the cleaning station accessory, which is included in one version or another with the mid-end and up products. The station charges and sanitizes the razor between shaves. So unless you are going to use the 790cc on the road all the time, the total battery life isn’t all that relevant, as long as you put it in its station when you’re done.

The downside, of course, is that this provides Braun with another consumable to sell you apart from replacement foil cartridges, but in the end I think it’s worth the added expense.

The Splash Zone

Disappointingly, this is the only shaver in the upper range from Braun that does not have full washability, nor is it wet & dry compatible. Pretty egregious for the money, wouldn’t you say?

Early Retirement

Let’s cut to the chase here. Taken in isolation, the 790cc-4 is an excellent product. Almost everyone who owns one says so. Here’s the problem though, the 9090cc is (by design) a significantly better product and it doesn’t cost much more than the 790cc-4. This puts it in a pretty tough spot. In my opinion it makes more sense to go one step up or down. In other words, buy the series-9 or the series-5 instead. That is, if you can’t find a great deal on this one. You’ll get a great shave either way and won’t spend money on features you don’t need; you will get more refined versions of these features that have benefited from an extra five years of development.